Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day! Summer is here!

Ah, summer is finally here. The birds are chirping, the lawn is growing, and the computer is humming along. It's time to write!

This is not to say that I don't write during the school year; it's just harder. Christine and I have opposite lives. During the school year, her kids (most of them) are trundled off to school and she is able to breath a sigh in the residual peace and quiet, sitting down to a nice cup of tea and her cozy writing chair to knock out her epic fantasy. During the summer, they're all home. Yikes! So much for peace and quiet.

Not so for me. During the school year I home school. Every day starts early and is filled with work. It doesn't wind down until late at night by which time I am tired. Unfortunately, dregs of the day don't produce the best writing. They're a little like the coffee grounds in the bottom of the pot.

To fix this problem, I've been adjusting my writing time to squeeze it out earlier in the day. It's harder, but produces better material. During the summer, though, I'm excited because finding writing time becomes easier.

Hurray! Summer is almost here!


  1. That is pretty accurate depiction of the contrast between us. I have now built up much momentum I refuse to have another apathetic summer for writing!

  2. great job, ladies! :)
    I find the hour before I wake up my family is best for my writing...year round!
    Unfortunately, by the time it's time to quit, I'm so engrossed in writing that I go overtime and have to rush
    Good luck with your WIP's!