Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creativity and Heaven

Yesterday I saw a man walking from the train who distinctly stood out from the crowd. He wore a broad-brimmed straw hat, a white hat and a knotted green neckerchief. He had a small bit of white/gray beard and walked with a jaunty step. His appearance delighted my heart.

I love that God gave each one of us such creativity. Each one of us human beings has the ability to express our personality in an almost infinite number of ways. It occurred to me that once again, this delightful ability is just one more way of seeing God's infinity. The creative ability inside each person comes directly from the source of creation.

In heaven, when all the impurities have been left behind, I believe we will know and see each other as the children of God that we are - with His divine nature as expressed in and through us in endlessly creative ways. Won't that be wonderful?

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  1. Love it! During art class I was telling the kids that an adult told me the other day that she wasn't creative. I told them that's not even possible. We're created in His image, and He's a creator. We're all made to follow in His footsteps and create too!