Saturday, September 25, 2010

Freedom vs. Fear of Failure

In a day and age where people scramble to maintain their space within the macro- and microcosms of their daily experience of life we are prepped to fight for our freedom. That seems to include everything reaching from profound things like religious freedom, freedom of speech all the way to silly things where people feel offended if somebody dares to cut in front of them at the water cooler. Nonetheless many seem ready to oppose this breach of an invisible boundary of personal space with just as much tenacity as an attempt to silence a confession of faith.

But what happens when people are taken out of their usual boundaries and are being told to just "Do whatever you want. No boundaries!" My initial response is to tense up. What does that mean? I can do what ever? What does that include and where does it stop? More specifically: What do you mean I can write and blog about whatever?! "No boundaries" seems like a trick answer, a bait luring you into something....lethal. Having gone through college and countless classes, papers, lectures and tests aiming for specificity (I like this word....spe-ci-fi-ci-ty...spe-ci-fity) the permission to roam, type and publish without opposition is just...outrageous! It's scary! And yet, I decided that addressing the problem is often the first step towards enjoying the moment and changing, commanding your circumstances. Freedom is what you decide to do with what you've been given. Freedom is not defined by the existence or absence of mental blocks or actual, sometimes physical limitations. On the same note, hearing and DOING what God tells you to do? Now that's wisdom :)

So today is the day that I declare breakthrough! Freedom from fears of "no boundaries" opportunities! Freedom to obey and step up towards your calling! Freedom to trust, let go and let God! My first blog entry. Ever.

God bless :)


  1. Freedom is what you decide to do with what you've been given.

    Exhilerating words. I've tried to live my life this way, good, truthful, kind. Free to be who and what I am.

    Which is the way I write. At least try to write.

  2. Congratulations on your first post, Clarissa. : )

  3. Okay, late to comment, late to read. Still I want to add.

    That is what God did. He didn't want mindless-robots. He gave us a free-will. Free to choose whatever. Right or Wrong. Darkness or Light. Happy or Sad. Good or Bad. I love that about Him!