Monday, January 24, 2011

Learn somethin'

One of my favorite movies is The Blind Side. There's humor, there's heart, and there's character. It has the best of everything, and I love it. It also holds one scene which has become a catch-phrase in our house and always makes me smile. When the mom drops off her kids off at school one day, she calls out to them, "Learn somethin'."

It seems so obvious. They're going to school. Of course they're going to learn something, right?

So Saturday I set off for a little seminar for beginning writers by author Laura Crawford at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Although I am not exactly a beginner anymore, there was no way I was going to miss it. The general contrivance of circumstances has always found a way to keep me from ever attending writing conferences. This one fit my budget (free) and my schedule (Saturday afternoon).

Right before I went out the door, one of my kids called out, "Learn somethin'!" I laughed to myself. Wasn't that the point? Wasn't that what I was planning to do, even if it was for beginners?

During the seminar, there were lots of great questions by the people who attended. They wanted to know how to find the best market for their work, how to approach a publisher, what to expect if they did. Sometimes I knew the answers; sometimes I didn't. But the one thing I learned as I watched Laura Crawford answer each question with a smile is that when you are a writer, there is no greater joy than giving back to the writing community and helping other people achieve their writing dreams.

Thank you Laura for a great seminar. I hope you write many more books and continue to enjoy your writing journey!


  1. Good blog you have! You are right, though that phrase "Learn something" makes us laugh, we shouldn't forget it while we go to school, conferences, etc... A man/woman must learn and develope every day, if we want to live a better life... And the best way to really learn something is to read a good story, which wouldn't just reveal an amazing plot, characters, jokes, but also could inspire us to change our way of life, attitude, way of thinking, etc. Learning while having fun is the best way to educate and that only a good book/story could provide?... I remember how impressed two kids of a friend of mine were when I told them my 1st Tale Of The Rock Pieces, even today about 15 years later, they still take a good care of their health, do exercises every day, don't smoke and don't drink just because they still remember and respect what the good characters in the book did in their many adventures... I guess any author could give similar examples? Like Flesh, a book of about 180 pages from the last century which really helped people realize the danger of destroying the ozon layer?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post, allanbard. It is true that great books (and movies too!) can affect or alter our life-vision for what our future can be. Thanks for sharing that thought!

    : )