Friday, May 27, 2011

How to take the "yechhhhh... homework!" out of blogging

I was at a lawyer's marketing conference the other day. The keynote speaker encouraged blogging and video as 2 surefire ways to get increased web traffic - and ultimately more clients. He asked how many lawyers in the room blogged. There were only a few hands - and one woman said she wrote blog content for other lawyers for a living. And, I don't think that afterwards, despite the words of the speaker, a bunch of those lawyers are going to diligently blog. Why? All I could think of was "The Book Report" from YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN.  And, there you have all of the approaches to blogging in 4 part harmony and fugue.

1.  Schroeder - the type who ends up loving writing because it became fun and a time for great imagination.
2.  Lucy - counting every word in every sentence as it is written, because it is a chore.
3.  Linus - the type who can't help themselves - every blog is a treatise.
4. Charlie Brown - the ultimate procrastinator - because to think about reasons not to write becomes more intriguing than writing itself. Or the sunshine calls too strongly.

So, of all the models above, I choose Schroeder. So that blogging doesn't become a chore or an unpleasant duty, make up your mind to write about something that interests you, or has an emotional connection to you. All right, so I end up in the Charlie Brown category a lot. But today. I'm not - so there! No "yechhhhh!" in my blogging today!

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