Monday, September 5, 2011

Permission to procrastinate?

In an effort to become a more productive writer (hoping, of course, that it will bleed over into every other area of my life) I've been reading The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen. Today I got to the chapter in which she stated that it's okay to procrastinate a bit while you're writing if you do it productively. Basically, this is her thought process:

• Forcing yourself through tough spots, although highly recommended by most writers, doesn't always work well
• Let yourself procrastinate productively by doing other things that have to be done anyway while your mind works on the writing problems you're facing

I'd like to know if any other writers out there have tried this out. Personally, I've always been of the push-through-and-write-no-matter-what mindset, but I do have days where I just step away and get other work done when I'm thinking about plots, characters, etc. What do you think? Does this have the potential to make you more productive in the long run?

P.S. Only 56 days until Nanowrimo. (No pressure, but the clock is ticking.)

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