Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music and writing

I have been listening to some new music - new to me, that is. I think it opens up a new part of my brain. I certainly hope so. Hopefully, a little vacation time also helps. Because I'm going to need every bit of that new brain to get back on track with my NANOWRIMO novel! Or maybe I should take inspiration from the places I've visited here in St. Augustine, the oldest town in the United States:

Piracy certainly would be a departure...

Maybe I better get back to that music. Josh Groban has just appeared on my music radar. He has a lovely tenor voice and sings a convincing love song, "You Raise Me Up." A little romance with some inspiration would certainly be a welcome diversion in the story I'm working on. Ah, romance. Always an interesting path to take.

There, I have just gotten myself back into the place I need to be to write.


  1. We hope we'll be able to visit St. Augustine some day too! Take lots of pictures. Maybe your next nano-story can be a swashbuckler.

  2. Hey, you were supposed to send your inner editor on vacation. Not go yourself. I hope you had lots of fun. At least it let me get way ahead of you. But I still can't seem to catch up to that typing maniac Christine.

  3. Love the pic! So happy you can soak up some sun.

    Hope you're still typing! :)