Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jump-starting a Rewrite

A month ago, rewriting and editing my NANOWRIMO novel seemed more difficult than the original drafting of it. However I have found that feedback and research are helping me jump-start the process.

Important to the feedback process is determining who my audience is. Is it Christian stay at home moms? Single men between the ages of 25 and 43? People who buy Scott Turow's books? I believe that my novel is intended for men who are married, were married or are contemplating marriage or for men and women who are really interested in how courts and politics are impacting and controlling family life. It is a cautionary tale and contains strong language. Determining this helps me to shape the story more effectively, and to get input from my target audience. I have gotten some very constructive criticism and it is helping challenge me to write more effectively.

One of the areas of weakness in my novel involves writing about subjects in which I have little experience. For example, corruption in the construction industry helps drive my story line. However, I can only write sketchily about this since I have little experience or knowledge. Fortuitously, I met a lawyer whose area of expertise is construction law, and he regaled me with some very interesting anecdotes and experiences which gave me real insight. This "research" has helped me understand more about the workings and motivations and policing of this industry. Now I can write in a more detailed and authoritative way about my main character and his interactions and conflicts dealing with construction.

And now I say, "Once more into the breach!" as I begin the next phase - editing and rewriting 101.


  1. Go, Laura! We're cheering for you!!!
    : )

  2. Actually, I guess I should be doing that myself. I read Plot and Structure with hopes that it would help me make it through the rewrite and come out with a good book manuscript. It seems a lot harder than cranking out the original. Rewriting is serious work!