Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writing the Old Fashioned Way

I have begun editing chunks of my novel as I ride the train every day - well... almost every day. Now, I have been challenged by Beth to look at my writing goals.

I have been "waiting" to get a laptop PC that I can use on the train in order to begin writing. In fact, I just thought about it again today, because typing a novel on a Blackberry could be quite tedious. However, it occurred to me that lack of a PC certainly does not need to deter me! I can write the way Jane Austen (and countless other authors) did - with pen and paper!

A yellow legal pad will work perfectly! I could challenge myself to write several pages a day, or a story per page, or a character sketch. The possibilities are endless... Now... if only I had the perfect pen. I really like those fine type gel pens that you can get from.....


  1. Good for you, Laura. That's a great book, and I believe you'll find it published some day. (It was amazing for a first draft.) You could be like the guy who writes his nano-novel by hand and keeps each pen on a necklace around his neck as he runs out of ink. I can't remember how many pens it takes him to get through, but it's around 12 or 13, I think. He has a very specific kind of pen that he uses for writing.

  2. Good for you Laura! So true, you are in such GREAT company. Just writing even a little on a regular basis is key.