Friday, April 2, 2010

Laptops and Lake-views

Spring is really here! Emerald green is starting to carpet the ground, and today I witnessed yellow daffodils bending in the breeze. The last few days have drawn the masses into the great-outdoors.

As a writers group we have been evaluating our writing goals. It's a wonderful thing.

Anyone out there who loves to write please tell me... what could be more lovely then being in the fresh air with one's laptop, gazing out at a serene lake, our budding crab-tree? That sounds glorious, does it not? However, I have tried it and failed. Grabbing a cup of iced tea, a comfy chair and my laptop I have trudged outdoors for inspiration and fresh air. Now I ask you. Can they not make a laptop where you can see the screen whilst not under the confines of four walls? Doth such an invention exist? I really want to know.

So until such a creation comes into being or brought to my knowledge base I suppose I will have to be like Laura. Pen and notebook in hand and plunging in the old fashioned way. (If you are not part of this group I do not mean Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

Please forgive the whilst and doth. I am presently reading Charlotte Bronte. :)


  1. Yeah, I guess that screen doesn't show up very well when you're outside. My old mac was like that too, but I can see the new one pretty well outside, although not great.

  2. But alas, there is a solution. You must be at the appropriate angle to the sun. Or you must have a filter on your screen. Or you must be in my back yard where, while there is no lake, there is an abundance of shade.