Saturday, June 19, 2010


As writers, I think our creative side needs a jolt every now and then. Experiencing a different viewpoint, interrupting the pattern of what we see on a daily basis, viewing a work of art or listening to thoughtful beautiful music can do that. Last night, I went to the Alhambra, a Moorish style restaurant in Chicago to watch and listen to Flamenco. And what a jolt it was!

I was utterly transported with the good company of both old friends and new as we watched the intricate footsteps and percussion that the dancers created. They used clapping, stomping, castanets, a seasoned Spanish singer and a small ensemble of musicians and dancers. The dances told stories of love, flirtation, rejection, joy and the excitement of living. To add to the experience, the restaurant is amazingly decorated with tiles and arches and mosaics and onion domes on the exterior.

As writers, it is also important for us to learn cultural similarities and cultural difference. Here in America, we live in an increasingly multi-cultural world. And, I choose to look at this as a tremendous opportunity! We can create a more interesting tapestry for our readers with the unusual textures and colors of others' backgrounds and ethnicities, and at the same time confirm the foundations of story-telling that transcend cultural differences.

So take a dip in the pool of Flamenco, or a Japanese garden, or an Ethiopian restaurant. Taste the flavors of life! God's imagination is endless!


  1. Great post! That's one of the fun things aspects of living near a big city.