Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Solitude

Here we go! Summer is now in full swing. All four kids are home and how much writing have I done? NONE! I need a game plan, a schedule, a routine to make this summer be a fruitful one for writing.

I am trying to figure this out as I write. Perhaps waking up before the kids would be best. Other options are, putting on a 30 minute movie for them, or stealing away valuable husband and wife time after the kiddies retire for the evening. I need uninterrupted solitude to accomplish 30 minutes of writing productivity.

So this is my commitment. Starting Monday I will have an established summer routine. If only the critique meeting wasn't the day after that. Oh well, I have a few precious days left to obtain my objective.


  1. I write at 5:00am.
    The only thing sufficient enough to drag me out of a peaceuful night's sleep (with my child's feet in my back, lol) is turning the volume on my alarm clock to high, and putting it where I have to get up to get it.
    After that, I have to go to the WC.
    By the time I walk back into the bedroom, I feel like I'd rather write than sleep.
    Good luck!

  2. Now you're committed. I'll call you every day to nag you about writing!

  3. Kelly- I wish I were cognizant enough to be productive at 5:00am. That is great. You must be a morning person or something. :)

    Beth- I knew I could count on you!

  4. Developing a habit helps. I wonder how Clara Schuhmann did it? She had 8 children and her husband died fairly young. Yet, she was a composer and concert pianist and teacher.