Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Live your life: it's an investment

I have a confession to make.

I did very little writing in the month of May. I tried to keep up with my picture book writing critique group, but I let the middle grade novel go. Now, as all writers who don't write for a time, I had lots of good reasons for it. I had two homeschooled seniors graduating, plus family descending from out of town and all kinds of final grading and ceremonial senior-stuff happening. It's not like I was sitting around moaning about writers block. No, I was severely busy and severely fatigued by the time it all ended. But still, I have to ask myself, was it okay for me as a writer not to write, even for a short time?

I think this is a question that most writers have to answer for themselves. Some people will push on and write through it all. In this case, I decided not to. I'm the only mom my kids have, plus I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to make their graduation a special event. I was their senior picture photographer, their autobiography typesetter, their graduation ceremony planner and implementer, and still their teacher and mom. I knew that May was going to be tough, so I told my critique group in advance that I was just going to take it off and live life. In retrospect, I'm glad I did it. True, my Monday blog also became a little sporadic, as did my Examiner articles, but I decided that even writers need to live life once in awhile.

No regrets.

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