Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's in a name?

One of my daydreaming enjoyments is thinking up new titles and plot lines. I don't do anything with most of them, but they are good additions to my idea folder. You never know when a title can inspire you to write something that will take off for you. Even though I don't read lots of YA fiction, leaning rather toward lit for the younger ages, I particularly love the trends in contemporary YA titles.

How about you? How do you come up with a plot? Do you think of a title that inspires you, or do you agonize over a title after you've written your story?

Would a rose by any name smell as sweet?


  1. Current Titles in my brain:
    Beth and the Talking Chicken
    Twins Twice Two
    The Amazing MacKinneys Take Flight
    Three Dogs Too Many
    Water Balloons and Rubber Bands - or, What's in a Knoerr?
    Boys Who Love Baseball, and the Dads Who Cheer

  2. Are you serious? Do I get to be in a story? Woo hoo! The last one has to be about Christine's boys in baseball.