Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There is life after Nanowrimo

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This year I completed my third Nanowrimo novel. It was definitely a different experience from the last two years.

The first year I flew by the seat of my pants and went in with only a vague idea that I thought would be fun to write about. At that time, I was writing primarily picture books anyway, so it was a good exercise in daily writing. Exhilarated by the competition of my writing group and family, I plowed through and finished with days to spare.

The second year, I decided to write a book for my mom about my grandmother's childhood. It wasn't a great work of literature, and I had to fill in many huge gaps of what we didn't know with my own imagination, but although harder to finish, it was a good exercise in writing and I still finished early.

This year, however, I wanted channel my Nanowrimo effort down more productive paths, but I found the way far from clear.

Having been working on a sci-fi historical fiction MG for more than a year, I decided to write the sequel for it. I wrote scene cards and a rough outline in preparation, wishing I had used Nanowrimo with the first book which was still a work in progress. On day one, I began to pound the keys. By day two, I wanted to quit.

It wasn't that I found the writing so hard. I had my general guideline. I just didn't feel like writing this year. Life in general was pressing on me, and I struggled to keep up. It got worse as I went along, because I wasn't getting enough sleep. By the end of the month I had picked up some virus and was also sick. I assessed. Brain and fingers were still functioning; therefore, I must keep on writing. I cotinued slogging along until I gasped across the 50k mark just in time on the last day of November.

Why was it so hard this year? I'm not really sure. It just was. But now that we're into December, life looks happier. My body is over that awful virus. I've had some good nights of sleep and made it through our big December events. I have over 50k of my sequel rough draft done (although not quite the ending) and I have caught up with other stuff moderately well.

Yes, there is life after Nanowrimo. In fact, it's a wonderful life. Have you found it to be true as well?

: )

Merry Christmas!

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