Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It was only four months ago that my eyes decided to start being bright red each time they wore contacts! I would try them again randomly here and there, every couple weeks. But I always got the same result. Now, after so much time off I'm able to wear them again. I'm not sure why I can wear the same contacts as before when earlier I couldn't. But now, it feels like I've gotten a fresh look at life through lenses that my eyes accept! I can see better and clearer with them.

I think writing is that way. I'll try the same story the same old way. But then after a few days or months away I am able to try it again with a new perspective some creativity and glows!


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  1. Had to comment on your FIRST blog post! CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME BRIANA!

    I totally agree with you. Sometimes you need to walk away from something your working on to get a new perspective.