Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Monday (which it will be by the time you read this)

I like Mondays because they're the beginning of a new week. There is so much to look forward to. So, happy Monday!

This post is just to say hello. Most of what I've been doing is preparing for homeschool, which is looming large on the horizon. I was able to attend the Home School Expo in the neighborhood and learned a lot. But since it's important to do some writing daily, I've been trying to do that too. Presently I'm working on a rhyming story called I Heard It From the Chicken. I don't usually use poetry to write a story, but it seemed to fit for this one. We'll see how it turns out. Here's the beginning for you to check out:

I heard it from the chicken,
So I know it must be true,
'Cause chickens have integrity.
They're honest through and through.

It wasn't quite the dead of night,
But it was pretty dim.
A phone call for the farmer's wife
And Chicken listened in.

Comments from the poetic out there?


  1. The suspense is overwhelming! What was the phone call about? Why do the chickens have integrity? What time was it really? Most importantly, what color hair did the farmer's wife have? I need answers!

  2. Well, just between you and me and the farm animals, we're pretty sure the farmer's wife has been using L'oreal hair color. The pigs were the ones to squeal, which didn't surprise me one bit. It sounds like there's a birthday party in the works, so the animals are going to go all out. But...are they SURE that's what is going on?


  3. LOL!!!!!!
    I heard she had a perm too. The mice leeeeeeeaked that one. That put the cows in a bad meooooowd and they stomped on the mice. Which made the sheep feel baaaaaad!


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  5. How 'bout
    But the stars were pretty dim....

    And just where was that chicken listening in from, the extension in the barn? And does she write for True Grit from the Hen's Mouth?

    Inquiring minds want to know.