Thursday, August 27, 2009

A New Favorite.

I was recently introduced to a new author that has quickly became one of my favorites. A year or so ago a cousin called me out of the blue specifically to recommend this author knowing my enjoyment of reading. Feeling my plate was already full of things on my read list I never sought the author. A few weeks ago this same cousin lifted my ipod and loaded about seven of these audiobooks onto it. I am now officially hooked. I have listened to three and a half of these Romantic-Suspenses. Surprising, because this is not my usual read.

Who is she? Dee Henderson. I googled her, she is the daughter of a minister, she resides in Springfield, IL but is involved in a church in Lake County. She is formally an engineer. Her books have won a host of awards, including the prestigious RITA Award, Bookseller’s Best Award, and National Reader’s Choice Award. She is obviously doing something right.

I started with, True Courage. From the moment I pushed play I was sucked in. Having no idea what to expect, (never having read anything like it before) it was exciting and mysterious.

FYI, this ipod lifting cousin is male. They are not just "chick" books. My husband is in the middle of his first one and is enjoying it immensely.

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