Saturday, October 9, 2010


How many things do we part from on a continually basis? Everyday things, good or bad?

Most of us experience a time where a loved one has to part. Some of us encounter a day, where we have to find the supernatural strength hidden within us to take our faithful dog to the vet and allow it to part.

Seasons part. A beautiful October day in Elgin, Illinois I felt lead to disregard the plans I had made and follow the leading to walk past the Fox River to the library. I was hoping to meet someone there. As I was walking down the drive way I noticed that the big tree right outside the house was the exact same tree and probably had the exact same height as the one in front of my house in Germany. I had been staying with these dear friends here in Elgin for maybe 2 months already. That tree was right outside my bed room window, too. How come I hadn’t noticed it? It’s not that this kind of tree would just grow anywhere. In Germany I had never seen another one of its kind.

Strolling down the street I delighted in the surprisingly warm sun. It must have been almost 80 degrees. Shorts and t-shirt in October? In Elgin, Illinois? Suited me just fine. The bright red and yellow of the turning leaves made me wish for a constant Fall, everything would just be suspended between Summer and Winter, combining the irresistible beauty of a strangely mesmerizing decay and comforting warmth. I knew that I, too, had to get ready to part. I began to think about the many places I had passed by through out my life, carrying a purse and a laptop. I thought about college days in the city of Chicago, thought about the street of Wellington, New Zealand. I remembered the confidence and purpose that I had sensed during that time, as well. Just as I did today.

I felt lead to sing in tongues as I walked, just enjoying the knowledge of not being alone. To everyone else I probably appeared as such, but I saw myself walking down the street with the light and the Greater One inside of me and small army of angels surrounding me as shining orbs around me. I felt such gratitude for a God who created such beauty even in something that would soon be passed away. I could feel a thankful heart ministering unto me, even as I walked. I thanked God to be able to take the time to just be, knowing that He is God without having to go on a retreat, but right here, in what seemed like every day life to those looking on from the outside.

I continued to pray in tongues softly as I approached the river and let it flow into song. I took a moment to record the parts that I could interpret on my MP3 player. I felt such peace and purpose and embraced it with bliss and gratitude. Walking alongside the river I noticed the stones of the pavement, listing names of dozens of people whose significance I did not know. As one of them caught my eye and I stopped to ponder on it, I noticed a couple holding little booklets and looking around. “I wonder what these names are for!?” The woman asked me. “This one talks about Hiawatha?” I said, not sure what that even means, but I had heard the name before…

To be continued.

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  1. Thank you Clarissa. Such beautiful words. Here's a link for some photos of Larry . . .