Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Nano or not to Nano?

That is the question, and you might be surprised to hear it coming from me. After all, I've been pressing everyone around me to Nanowrimo with me this year, just like last year. But at this point, I have misgivings about whether it is the best course for me.

My personality leans toward the kind which hones in on an objective, finds a way to make it happen, and hits it like William Tell puts a shaft through an apple. Sometimes at an unfortunate cost to my family, since I am the mom. This said, it is also true that I am careful about what I commit myself to, since I don't like to back out of what I've said that I would do. A man's (or woman's) word in this day and age is not seen as binding as it once was. Still, a man swears to his own hurt.

So I have become cautious in these last few days before Nanowrimo, since I'm not sure it is the right course for me this year. I am pleased with the progress on my work in progress, but it is not entirely finished, which is where I hoped to have it before November. Since I do not intend to set it aside for a month while I churn out a novel which I may not pursue later, I must make a decision.

Also, last year every person in our family of six wrote a novel. This year, only a few of us plan to, which means there is less support or sympathy from those not involved. Hmm. Food for thought.

What do I do?

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  1. Don't do it this year! The branches are coming down, the house will have guests, the leaves need tending to and the chickens need to be medicated. (Not to mention that I really want to see how your current project turns out.)
    Just say no!