Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Around the Corner

Just around the corner from my regular daily route I discovered a treasure. Most (like my sister who accompanied me) may not call it that, but I'm just a sucker for quaint little restaurants occupying cute little historical homes in the middle of preserved 1800's towns.

The name, Benedict's Eggs and More. I know, not very romantic, but as Shakespeare said, "What's in a name?"

It wasn't just the fact that it was a lovely restored home. The food choices were wonderful. I had, The Waldorf Chicken Wrap. This flavorful cold wrap had walnuts, apples, grapes, and dried cranberries. A tasteful combination, served along with a cold, Orzo Pasta Salad, which turned out to be equally enjoyable.

Making this choice was not an easy task. Menu items also included, Smoked Turkey with Orange Cranberry Relish (sandwich), Cucumber Avocado and Gruyere Cheese Sandwich, and a Muffin Melt - Choice of chicken salad or tuna salad nestled on top of a tomato capped english muffin and finished with melted white cheddar cheese. Served with chopped salad and breakfast potatoes. These were a few of my favorite options, of which I had a hard time choosing.

I also enjoyed a cup of tea. The waitress brought out a wooden box filled with possibilities. My choice was Chamomile Citron. I would probable need the expertise of someone like Steven Knoerr (tea connoisseur and critic) to describe it, but I was pleased.

So if you ever find yourself in East Dundee and you are hungry for breakfast or lunch, I highly recommend this enchanting little spot to please your pallet and warm your spirits.


  1. I've driven by that place many times and wondered about it. Now I know. Sounds like an appealing place to visit.

  2. Yeah, you should take your husband there.

  3. I don't think he would care for it that much, he's more of a meat and potatoes guy. It's a lovely place to go with a good friend. :)

  4. What do you mean, "meat and potatoes guy"? I do have chickens in my yard for the purpose of having fresh eggs. I am one of those fortunate few who have the geneticly low colesterol so I can eat eggs with impunity. My only question will be are their eggs fresh enough?

  5. I love that place!!! And then there's a lovely river walk right near by, and the pottery place.

  6. Laura - I never knew about the river walk. That would be a lovely thing to do after enjoying a nice breakfast. I have never been to the pottery place either, only seen the sign. Is it any good?

    Dwight - My meaning for "meat and potatoes guy" was more that Larry doesn't care for fancy foo-foo cold sandwiches that have cranberries, grapes, and gorgonzola cheese. He likes grilled Cajan chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, steaks and potatoes.

  7. I can vouch for the pottery place if you mean Hagar Pottery. It's very fun to visit.