Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Weekend in the Country

"...A weekend in the country
How amusing.
How delightfully droll..." (A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC by Stephen Sondheim)

But, it was far more than that. Our weekend was also productive!

Our retreat brought about two key changes for my novel. And, I tested out one of the major plot changes with some of my teen-aged Facebook friends. Their responses were unanimous in favor of the new plot twist - although they didn't know that it was new. I just gave them two different choices. I am so pleased for this inspiration that came during the retreat. It is giving me a whole new puzzle to figure out and a new energy to my writing.

I am also grateful for the time away, especially as it has been a bit stressful in my life recently. There is something so relaxing and reviving about a short getaway in a beautiful place with like-minded friends.

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