Friday, September 18, 2009

Realization and Retribution

Attention Laura and Beth. I am calling you on the originality of your story entries on our retreat.

Laura quote, "Her hair was bright green, and she lunged toward him, shaking her fist."

Beth quote, "'Look, Sal," he pleaded. "I didn't know that peddler was crooked. He said it'd make your hair black as a crow."'

I knew this sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Ahhh Haaa! Your deep seeded plot to masquerade as classic novelists has been uncovered by yours truly. The secret is out, to be revealed for all the world to see. Your dastardly deeds are undone!

Here is the evidence, concrete and impenetrable.

Lucy Maud Montgomery penned this quote taken from, Anne of Green Gables, Chapter XXVII, Vanity and Vexation of Spirit.

'"But I didn't mean to dye it green, Marilla," protested Anne dejectedly. "If I was wicked I ment to be wicked to some purpose. He said it would turn my hair a beautiful raven black--he positively assured me that it would."'

I shall expect a written apology for this malicious, vindictive, threat against one of our beloved authoresses.

Now let us reflect on that skillful work of fiction Montgomery has bestowed upon the world with some memorable quotes.

"Overhead was one long canopy of snowy fragrant bloom. Below the boughs the air was full of a purple twilight and far ahead a glimpse of painted sunset sky shone like a great rose window at the end of a cathedral aisle."

'"Oh,, I don't like that name, either. I shall call it--let me see--the Lake of Shining Waters. Yes, that is the right name for it. I know because of the thrill. When I hit on a name that suits exactly it gives me a thrill. Do things ever give you a thrill?'"

"Anne's beauty-loving eyes lingered on it all, taking everything greedily in. She had looked on so many unlovely places in her life, poor child; but this was as lovely as anything she had ever dreamed."

Here's to the classics, may their words remain esteemed and cherished forevermore.


  1. Certainly Anne of Green Gables leaps to mind as the only green-haired heroine of modern literature. (I can only think of one other book in which a child dyed his hair inadvertently, but that was purple.) I make no attempt to deny it and wouldn't have at the time. However, although the idea had been already used (there is nothing new when it comes to basic plots, after all) the words and the twist were my own. Therefore, although Anne had a similar mishap, which her own foolishness and not a brother produced, it is not plagiarism.

    I know you're just joking with me, but you could bet your last pencil I wouldn't use something that close in an actual story. Goofing around with writer friends in a game, I think it's probably okay. But if you REALLY thought I was trying to fool you by being overly clever, then I most CERTAINLY apologize. I was pretty sure everyone had read L.M.M.'s books thoroughly!

  2. Of course it's just a joke.

    I watched the movie the other day and immediately reread our story. Funny!

    I couldn't think of anything interesting to write about so I thought you and Laura might get a kick out of my comparison. I was going to mention it Tuesday night but I forgot.

  3. Something about your tone made me think that you might just be joking. : )


  4. Great minds must think alike. I have never read Anne of Green Gables, and I only saw one show in the series. :)

  5. Christine, it took you that long to make the connection? I knew that it came from Anne of Green Gables the first time I read it.

  6. Dwight, I said "it sounded familiar" it's been YEARS since I had any exposure to Green Gables.

  7. Laura, so I suppose Beth was the TRUE swindler of classic literature. I hereby, hitherto, and henceforth, dismiss you of all charges lain at your door.

  8. I'm amazed that Laura never read Montgomery! I really like the last of the books in that series, which featured Rilla, Anne's youngest daughter. That one is particularly good because it covers World War I and how it affected Canada during the time. Also, it has a whole new romance in it since Rilla is growing up. If you haven't read it, you should!

  9. This is very exciting, Christine. Your post has generated more comments than any to date. Cool!

  10. Who'd a thought!

    I too am surprised you never read Gables Laura. You, being quite the reader that you are.

    How many books are in the series Beth? I just ordered an anniversary edition of Gables on amazon. I don't own the book and thought it was a must to add to my library. Laura you should read it.

  11. I know that the videos were Suzanne's favorite of all time, but for some reason I never read them. They probably weren't in the Strawberry Point library! I do remember seeing one episode, I think it was the first - when Anne arrives at the farm. This IS an interesting discussion!