Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Overcoming Terror

This has been a good week for me. I am overcoming a gut level, soul-shaking terror of the Lake County, Illinois judicial system, and this victory is very satisfying. Today, I walked the halls of the courthouse with no fear and this makes me feel incredibly light-hearted and hopeful. God's favor went before me, and I loved seeing it in action. A task that could have been complex and troublesome, was made easy with God's favor.

As a result of my experiences this week, I have to agree with those who have said it before me: "to overcome your fear you have to face it and walk straight into it." And, in my situation, the prayer and physical support of my brothers and sisters in Christ have made all the difference in the world. There is nothing on earth sweeter to me right now than the love of Christ as expressed by his body - the church.


  1. Isn't that the truth. Fear has torment, but perfect love casts out fear. I find myself having to deal with fear of the entire government. It seems to me that we are fast entering a time of tyranny. Thomas Jefferson said that when the government fears the people you have liberty, but when the people fear the government you have tyranny. We seem to have lost our freedom of speach in certain areas. And the government seems to think that they can do what they want regardless of what the majority of the population want. The problem is they are right. We don't hold them accountable when it comes to election time. We quickly forget the things they have done and too easily believe the "promises" they make. And with the help of their willing accomplises in the media the voice of reason seems to get shut out. We do indeed need change, but not the kind of change the current group of politicians want to force upon us.

  2. You are an inspirational women Laura. I am so encouraged by your faith in the midst of such a trial. Love ya, stay strong!

  3. Dwight, I was absolutely disillusioned with our justice system when the Appellate Court denied our appeal. However, I have since seen the election of a godly man as judge in Kane County, and a godly man as sheriff in Lake County. There are some fundamental changes happening and individuals are making a difference. You are absolutely right. WE MUST HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. And, that means we must pray AND support godly candidates. I actually believe that God will execute righteousness and justice on behalf of the oppressed - and I believe it is happening here and now. Please stand in agreement with me for this.