Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drop and Give Me 50,000!

Hi all. As you can see from Christine's post, Nanowrimo is bearing down on us with the deadly precision of a Mac truck. The post I had planned as we buzzed along back from the Wisconsin quadrant on our way to Chicago has flown from my brain. No doubt it was driven away by six loads of laundry that arrived with us. So you'll have to settle for the following for now. If I think of what I was previously thinking, I'll stick it along at the end.

Once again, I must remind you all that you need to participate in NaNoWriMo for the following reasons:

• Everybody else is doing it. (Not usually a good reason, but allowed in this case.)
• The Everybody else who is doing it are almost entirely not Christian. This is quite sad. You have an awesome message. Get out there and write a book about it.
• You'll always regret it if you don't.
• You'll always remember it if you do.
• Up until November 1st, I will do my level best to give you a cover for your novel. I've made one for myself (see under Beth Mac) and also Susan (on the Young Writer's site under Suzi-Q) and Kathryn (Young Writers under Curly Kate, but not posted yet).

If you still think it's utterly impossible to write a novel in November, then you need to go to the NaNo web site and read the post about the Marine serving in Iraq who couldn't bear to miss a Nano event and wrote her book under impossible circumstances, and even got her word count in by midnight by nothing short of a military miracle. That's the Marines for you. Makes you glad they're on our side. Here's the link, and don't blame me if you cry when you read it.


  1. waiting to see your NEW book cover Beth!

  2. I actually put it up. It's pink instead of red. I have to work on it some more, but for now, it's okay. It needs a spy on the front too, besides Eleanor.