Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jane Austen as Inspiration

I love Jane Austen and what her writing did for women. She faced many difficulties living in Georgian England where women had very few options. But, with her novels, she encouraged women by assuring them that marrying for love was a good thing, and that using intelligence, perseverance and common sense would reward you. Her characters are complex and fascinating, and, I think, reveal much about Ms. Austen's personality as well.

As a sign of her true insight into relationships and love, her novels have endured in popularity for nearly two hundred years. The novels have also served as the foundation or inspiration for many films and other novels. Her stories intrigue and entertain both teenagers and adults alike.

Jane Austen also inspired many women to write novels and to express themselves. And for that, she has my sincere gratitude. Following in her footsteps were some of my other favorites: the Bronte sisters, Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot) and Louisa May Alcott. Each of these writers also possessed a clear, moral point of view. And all of them have had a part in shaping my own life and attitudes.

I like the little poem I once heard:
"The novels of Jane Austen are the ones to get lost in."


  1. So true Laura.

    Today almost anybody and everybody writes. It's so easy. Just sit at your computer and push the keys, it even helps with your spelling.

    In the days before typewriters and computers, you know that those who wrote novels must have really had a passion for it. How else could one sit for so long and handwrite words on paper? And Jane didn't even have a pen but had to keep dipping her quill in ink! The lady must have had passion. And it will continue to thrive for many generations to come.

  2. I don't know about anyone else, but writing just seems to show how bad my spelling is, not help it

  3. Ah Kathryn, that's what spell check is for. It has taught me how to be a much bettar spellar. I just wish it would work on blog comments.

    As for Jane, I would agree with the sentiments expressed. I as a man find that I enjoy her writing quite well. She is very funny while she is making her statements. My favorite, well the only one I have actually read not just watched the BBC movie version, is Pride and Prejudice. And as for movie versions nothing will ever out do the BBC version staring Colin Firth.