Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fascination with Fantasy

At present I am reading a children's fantasy novel, Mister Monday, written by Garth Nix. It is the first in a series titled, The Keys to the Kingdom.

Over the last few months I have been trying to find an author who writes the same type of book I am about to embark on. When I think I find a good one, I discover a dark realm to it that I don't want to dove into.

However, I accidently came across one that the wikepedia quotes, "appears to contain many examples of religious symbolism and references, particularly in Judeo-Christian tradition." So I decided to take a chance and get it.

So far I have come across two things that I didn't think were appropriate to put in a children's book. But it is well written, entertaining, and has some Biblical depictions.

I am enjoying it, and feel that it is preparing me for the upcoming nanowrimo novel that I plan to write.

It appears that bookstores are filled with books of fantasy for children. My life long dream has never been to write this kind of book. However, I feel a great need for a book of this type with a strong moral underlay, and achieving this without the center of witchcraft portrayed to be good if it's used for good.

So I have been busy outlining, time-lining, and character defining these last few days in preparation. I am very exciting. I have had this idea for months and wasn't planning on touching it until I felt better qualified to write a novel. So here is to, The Defender's Key, ready or not, here it comes!


  1. Hey Christine. I believe there is an upsurge in fantasy partly from the success of Harry Potter but also because of the Narnia movies and some of the fantasy-type TV shows that are out there now. There is something appealing to children about other worlds being just around the corner.

  2. Well I'm impressed that you are preparing! All I have is a concept and one character - no, 2 characters. Oh and a title. Hang onto your hats!

  3. Ah, but Lora, that's the beauty of NaNoWriMo, you don't have to have anything but a keyboard and internet connection to upload your word count. You don't even need one character. Just a title and 50,000 words. Did you know that if you just started typing the words to count you would get to 50,000 before you even got to "fifty thousand".