Thursday, July 1, 2010

Book Clubs

We had our first summer book club meeting last Monday. Eight ladies gathered to discuss the novel we had, or had not voted on. Sharing the journey we'd escaped our homes, our lives, our families, into the same imaginary world.

One of the first things one of the ladies said as we formed our circle was, "I don't see how we can fill up even 10 minutes discussing this book." Most of us laughed heartily in agreement, discovering quickly that no one present was going to add this novel to their list of favorites.

We laughed, we listened, we discussed. It was an enjoyable evening. In closing we went around the room giving a brief synopsis of our book-reading experience as well as a rating 1-10. This was my favorite part.

In the end, (even though some of us rated as low as 2) each seemed to gleam something positive from it's pages. It was a good experience, a memorable one. We shared thoughts and feelings and uncovered interested, and involved, listeners.

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