Friday, July 9, 2010

Christine's busy, so I'm taking her slot

Actually, I just have to get this off my chest in the form that I'm allowed to do on a blog.


You may be wondering what that means. Essentially, it's the frustration of several things which I will outline calmly below:

• Working in Photoshop on an image. Since I'm better at InDesign for books and a little rusty on the Photoshop skills which are required for this project, thus the above ejaculation. I'm taking Photoshop for Dummies and calling no one in the morning.

• Veggie Tales disc stuck in my CD/DVD drive so that it refused to boot up while I'm under a design deadline on a project for which my Photoshop skills are rusty.

• I've spent hours researching and writing Examiner articles and trying to figure out which photos I can use, but unfortunately it only pays a mere pittance until I have a MUCH bigger following. (I'm not sure if it's worse that I'm being paid a pittance, or that normally I don't get paid at all for hours of writing.)

• I've spent so much time doing all these other things and trying to research agents and publishers that I HAVE NO TIME TO ACTUALLY WRITE!!!!! I hate that part.

I think I'm done now. I don't feel better for venting, but I'm sure I will after a good night's sleep and a large dose of chocolate.

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