Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking in the Sights

When you want to be a writer you never go on vacation. Did that sound right? Let me try again. Yes, take the vacation. Relax, play, and have fun. But don't forget to etch into your memory the sights and smells of your surroundings.

I recently returned from a week long trip to Virginia. I had a great time with a dear friend that moved there a year ago. As I was contemplating what to write today, it hit me. While there I witnessed the view of the Potomac River from the back porch of George Washington's home in Mount Vernon, walked the path of the Civil War battlefield in Fredricksburg, and saw a home still standing (with bullet holes to prove it) after the same battle.

Traveling cannot only be enjoyable, but taking in the sights can arm you with new ammunition for stories you were meant to tell. After my trip I am better qualified to write about Virginia, Mount Vernon, the Civil War, and other numerous sights I took in on my adventures.

Just some food for thought. Nothing new or profound. More anticipation and adventure can be added to your next vacation when you think of it as an opportunity to tell a story through the windows of your eyes.

Pictures- The only original remaining wall the confederates built during the Civil War, Innis House on the walk of the Fredricksburg battlefield, the front of Mount Vernon. (very upset that I did not take the view from George's back porch)


  1. And you have a fresh perspective and juiced up your creative juices for having played a little!

    : )

  2. Ah, I can sympathize on the view from the back porch of Mt Vernon. I was there once about 21 years ago. Yet I still remember it. A very wonderful view. I wish we had been able to see more back then. However we had to get back home and back to work. Such is life when you are not a writer.

  3. Dwight- Do you remember if they had the back porch lined with comfy wooden rocking chairs when you where there? I thought the lady said they had always been there. You could sit and take in the view for hours.

  4. Yes in fact they did have a bunch of rocking chairs on the back porch, even way back then. Lets see 21 years ago, you must have been about eight or nine right?

  5. Truly spoken. Creative writing is a chance to create