Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hidden Life of Winter

Winter can seem like a dead time of year. Green plants are nowhere to be seen - evergreens don't count. White snow covers everything, and the cold keeps people inside. It feels like nothing is happening. Everyone and everything is just waiting for the warm air to return and for the snow to go away and stay away.

But that appearance is deceptive. Because in barns and sheds and even the occasional field, there is a great deal of new life. This is lambing time. It is amazing to me that baby sheep can be born in a barn where the temperature hovers just above freezing and then survive. Yes, heat lamps can help and veterinarians, but to think of a newborn forced to face the most difficult time of year immediately, that is awe inspiring.

As writers, we need to bring our ideas to light - to give them birth. The circumstances may be less than ideal. But, ideas won't wait. Some may die, but some will live and grow strong. Our literary skills may be rough, but like a well-groomed sheep ready for the summer fair, our stories can be groomed and fattened and prepared.  Let the ideas be born - get those thoughts down in words. Then you can nurse and fatten and groom. Winter is a great time for new life and new ideas!

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  1. Hear, hear!!! Let's cozy down and brainstorm! Go, Laura!!!