Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writers and Blizzards

Blizzards get attention. Not only does the media get all excited, but so does everyone who has to feel the blast of the ice particles in their nostrils and the wind trying to rip off all their headgear and throw them to the ground.

Blizzards can also help your writing - especially if you are working on a novel that involves snow and ice and wind - like me! Experiential writing makes for more vivid descriptions and intense reactions.

It is a wondrous thing to hear the howling roar outside the house and the shaking of the windows inside the house. The fury of nature shows us humans for what we are - small and vulnerable alone, but effective and protective as as group. Advanced tools let us look at and interpret the skies and amazing communications help prepare us in advance.

An occasional snow day dedicated to writing can also help! Here's hoping everyone enjoys the warmth and comfort of their homes, and a special thanks to those who are in the thick of it fighting on our behalf - clearing the roads and providing emergency services.


  1. Our blizzard didn't really materialize here but we did get plenty of ice. Looking forward to a relaxing day around the house.

  2. Chicago has the snow, there's no doubt about it, Laura. Are you snowbound over there? We are 100% done digging out, plowing out, etc. The roads aren't too bad.

    : ) Beth