Thursday, April 29, 2010

Redeeming Love

When I sat to read this 464 page book (recommended and lent to me by a friend) I had no idea what I was in for. It took me on an emotional roller coaster and had a huge impact on me.

Our story is taken loosely from the book of Hosea. This Christian historical-fiction romance will rip your heart right out of your chest.

I do not wish to give away any details about our Heroin's past but I will say she had a rough childhood. This is an understatement. Angel is a prostitute during the 1850's gold-rush in California. This novel depicts the unconditional love of God and a heart that has been utterly undone. Angel meets love face to face and has no idea how to deal with it. She trusts no one. Her heart is numbed by years of abuse and disappointment. Michael Hosea comes along and her life is forever changed.

I hung on for the ride staying up late many a night, my eyes devouring the pages as I read and cried.

I fully enjoyed this book until the last few pages. The portrayal of one character's heart change was hard to believe and something else that occurred on the last couple pages although obviously written for symbolism didn't sit right with me.

I am new to Francine Rivers. This is my third book I have completed in a short time and enjoy her writing style and stories of hardships and a God that can turn it all around. I would highly recommend this author. Be warned. She covers sensitive personal topics that may not sit well with some. However, Rivers knows how to touch your heart in a way that leaves you wanting more.

Disclaimer - I have no financial gain in reviewing this book. I love to read and talk about what I read. It's a free country don't you know. :)