Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I feel as if I have accomplished a great feat. I completed my first Charlotte Bronte noval, Villette.

Being a Jane Austen fan I have aspired to read other like authors. One of the Bronte sisters was in that grouping. Indeed very different from Austen.

Lucy Snowe is our heroine. Her life marked by tragedy. Love always eluding her. I wait and wait for something good to happen to this poor forlorn heroine. Towards the very end it comes, but could one possibly keep to this thick novel and enjoy a happily ever after? You would think it would come but then, after another tragedy Bronte writes, "I will leave that to the reader." UGGG ! Not nice.

I will admit enjoyment in briefly becoming a part of this time gone by. Habits, morals, traditions. Now it is finished. I did it. Next challenge, Elizabeth Gaskell.

Disclaimer: I have no financial gain in reviewing this book.

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  1. I'll just warn you right now that Elizabeth Gaskell is WORDY. Set aside a large chunk of your year for one of her novels. But you will enjoy it. I think she died just before she finished Wives and Daughters, so be forewarned. (I'm very glad that they finished it in the movie.)